A little About Us...


     My name is Alyssa and I have raised English Angoras since I was 12 years of age. My goal is to improve the quality of the breed as a whole, but also give them a little extra love for a more sweet and cuddly result! I have always had a heart for animals and a home full of them since a child, and nothing makes me happier knowing that I can provide these fur balls to other people to have as their own and enjoy as much as I have.  

     My role in the Heart of Dixie Rabbitry includes typing up pedigrees, making updates on Facebook and the website, responding to any questions you guys may have, grooming and spending as much time as possible with the bun buns! My friend Zach, who co-owns the rabbitry as well, is in charge of building cages (which we offer below), maintaining a clean space and environment for the bunnies, as well as providing the tools needed to properly run our rabbitry.

     We never consider what we do as work or a chore, because these animals are like family to us and we hope whichever future homes these bunnies end up in, provides them with the proper care and love that has been made so prevalent while in our hands. They may be cute, but they do require a level of commitment and research to stay healthy and happy, and we encourage any questions that you may have about the breed.

         Thanks for reading up on us, and we hope to hear from you soon! 🐇

                                         Registered with the ARBA

We Not Only Make Bunnies, but also Cages!

If interested email zduhon@aol.com or call 540 521 9463

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