We have a few unreserved babies at this time..                                                   be sure to contact us for more details!     

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           When Purchasing a bunny from us keep in mind a few things.. 

We require a $30 deposit off of original purchase price to ensure that you are serious about picking up your little one. This also holds your bunny of choice so that we can tell others that he or she is spoken for.

All rabbits from our rabbitry will be tattooed on their ear for show, breeding, and contact purposes. This is non negotiable. 

Remember that these are NOT Easter bunnies!! I know that they look cute and cuddly, but they should not be adopted if you are not looking to keep them long term. They are little lives that deserve respect and commitment.   

If by any chance you bought a rabbit from us with the mindset that you were ready for the responsibilities involved, but realized that it was too much for you to handle, please do not hesitate to contact our rabbitry in regards to returning your previously purchased bunny. There will be no bashing or hard feelings, we understand that things happen and that life can take unexpected turns, and you can rest easy that your bunny will find a good new home because of your honorable decision of returning he or she to their first.

Please do yourself the favor of reading up on what you may need before getting an English Angora, and this goes for any rabbitry you are contemplating on purchasing from. This will not only help you feel more confident after adopting your little fluff, but your breeder will very much appreciate the time you took in educating yourself and will feel happy knowing that the bunny that they have raised will be going off to good hands. 

Our breedings are based on popular demand, so for instance, if more people have a request for BEW (blue eyed white) English Angoras than a litter of brokens, this desire will be met first and foremost. Now this does not go to say that breedings will not take place for an individual wanting a particular color, it just means that it may take a little more time and patience. The reason we do this is because it is important for us to meet the requests of others, but also have a confident understanding that all of our litters will be guaranteed homes so that we do not run the chance of scrambling last minute and making poor choices within our rabbitry. 

We are here to answer your questions, before and after any bunny decisions. Do not feel embarrassed of any concerns or issues you may have. Educating people about this breed is important to us, and we strive to help in any way we can!